Car Diagnostics in Ashford

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If you wish to book with us please give us a call on 01233 638080.

At Sibley Automotive, we have equipment available to provide the very best diagnostics services for your vehicle. When you leave your vehicle with us you can feel safe in the fact it's with a fully trained and experienced technician who will look after your car like it's their own.

Our team have been working to repair cars in Ashford for over 30 years, and we know what the best methods are for ensuring that we get to the root of the problem at the first attempt. Whatever’s wrong with your car, be sure to come into our Ashford garage today to check if we can help you.

Using the latest technologies and staff trained to very high standards we can plug directly into your vehicle ECU and take a reading of the data stored there. With this data, we can determine where any potential faults may be occurring across your vehicle.

Our team are all extremely well-experienced at dealing with the internal systems within your car and we’ll be able to tell you exactly what are where the faults are occurring. The technology that we use during our diagnostics service at our Ashford garage provides the clearest picture possible, allowing our team to offer any associated repairs without intrusive procedures.

Please feel free to contact us regarding your vehicles fault.

Mechanic using an onboard ECU data computer - Car Diagnostics Ashford